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If you are a home furnishings retailer or designer and are interested in learning more about our products, please contact us directly, or your local representative, for more information. Consumers are also invited to reach out to find a dealer near you.

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Bruce Feeney
Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana
C: (615) 210-1402  |  Email

Michael Feeney
Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana
C: (615) 210-1402  |  Email

Gregg Marcus
Georgia, Alabama, N. Florida
C: (404) 915-8914  |  Email

Greg Wyatt
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware
C: (757) 449-0845  |  Email

Ann Macknovitz
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware
C: (410) 562-3365  |  Email

Joshua Taylor
North Carolina, South Carolina
C: (336) 905-5625  |  Email

Darrell Sykes & Associates
Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa,
S. & N. Dakota
O: (952) 988-9155  |  Email

Jimmy Donlon
C: (202) 494-5431  |  Email

Please contact below if your area is not listed.
Alli Latora
Business Development Manager
C: (770) 314-5277  |  Email