Material Information



A top trend in home furnishings today is furniture made of Solid Mango wood. Yes, the very same trees providing us with delicious mango fruits can age and when their production years are over, they can be made in to beautiful furniture. Mango wood is a relatively new commercial manufacturing material and one that is growing in popularity amongst designers, manufacturers and consumers alike. The reasons behind its popularity are numerous, but the most important factors are (1) its sustainable nature and (2) it’s a densely grained hardwood with a strong structure: this makes it perfect for constructing products such as chairs and other framed items where weight-based stresses are applied frequently and in unpredictable ways. Mango is easy to tool and reducing the production costs. Despite its fine grain, mango wood is extremely receptive to staining and waxing, which serves to accentuate the grain’s patterning. This sustainable hardwood is a sourced responsibly as a byproduct of a thriving industry.